Carpet Cleaning Tri-Cities WA

We’re committed to doing the right thing for our clients and the environment in Tri-Cities, WA. We use green, chemical-free cleaning technology that is healthy for your family.

Our patented “Rotary Steam Cleaning” system cleans better, and leaves no soapy, sticky, dirt attracting-residue.

What’s Makes Continental The Best?

Okay, here’s the scoop: Most carpet cleaners don’t really cleans your carpets! In fact, in most cases, they just make things worse. True story. Alot of companies in the industry are referred to as “Splash and Dash” cleaners. They use wands to clean, which are big metal tubes that shoot down water, and suck it up. The issue is, if the tech doesn’t care about their cleaning, they just quickly skim over the top and don’t thoroughly clean your carpet to the bottom of the fiber. Ever had stains reappear or had your carpet feel crunchy? That’s because they didn’t thoroughly rinse the carpet, they just skimmed over it!

We clean with patented “Rotary Steam” technology, which agitates and scrubs your carpet, as it’s flushing it with pure hot steam, and extracting all the water and dirt.

See the difference between us and the other guys? Yeah, the agitation and scrubbing action actually cleans your carpet!

We don’t use soaps, detergents or chemicals to “clean” your carpets. In fact, we’re Chemical-Free! At first glance, traditional soaps may seem may seem to work, but don’t be fooled… soaps and chemicals are designed to attract and hold on to dirt, and if they’re not completely rinsed out of the carpet (and they usually never are), they leave a sticky residue—leaving your carpets even dirtier than before after a few weeks.

At Continental, we’re crazy about clean—seriously, we’re Clean Experts!—and we’re committed to cleaning your carpets the healthiest and best way—chemical-free, and with no sticky residue.

We’ve been cleaning for over 38 years, and have cleaning down to a science.

So, what are you waiting for? Experience the Continental difference for yourself, and you can be one of the 20,000+ clients that have used us over the years and said “Wow, you’re the best carpet cleaning company I’ve ever used!”

Yes, we do hear that all the time. We’d love to clean for you!

What Do We Charge?

For rotary steam carpet cleaning, we charge .44 cents per square foot. For example, a 10×10 dining room is $44. On average, bedrooms are about $44, master bedrooms are about $60, and large family rooms on average are $90-$100.