Yelp Carpet Cleaning Kennewick WA“We have been using Continental Carpet Cleaning for over 25 years. Once or sometimes twice a year we have them clean our carpets, which cover every room in the house–even the bathrooms, kitchen, and laundry room. Our carpets are light cream-colored, so any stain really stands out. Kevin and his partner do a fantastic job making our 23-year-old carpets look new. We’ve put them to the test with dark brown coffee, pink Crystal Light, and orange cat vomit stains. In every instance, Continental has been able to remove the stains. (We recommend getting the Scotchguard treatment.) Kevin and his workers are easy-going, thorough, and a pleasure to work with. They will come back to take care of stains that occur between regular cleanings, too, even if they are small stains. I like that they are conscientious and will call to let you know they are on their way. Continental was recommended to us by a friend over 25 years ago and I would recommend them to anyone looking for dependable, quality carpet cleaners.” – Marjy L, Pasco WA

Yelp Carpet Cleaning Kennewick WA“These guys do an amazing job and are very reasonably priced. We have them out about twice a year to do the carpets in our apartment. I have yet to find a stain or smell that they cannot remove, and boy, have we tested it out. We knew that we’d never go to anyone else when we had them out after an ill-fated long weekend. We’d left our dog in the care of a dog-walker who came fewer times than we’d asked. During a thunderstorm, our dog (who is anxiety ridden on a normal day) was sick. Kevin and his partner came out the next day and returned the carpet to like new. You would have never guessed the state of it only 24 hours prior. These guys are professional and thorough, and the one time we weren’t quite satisfied, they came back out and fixed our concern. They’ve also done an amazing job with our mattress and upholstery. The carpets stays wet for only the shortest amount of time and there is never any residue left over from whatever products they use. Couldn’t ask for anything better.” – Mrs. Scilino-Moore, Pasco WA

Carpet Cleaning Richland WA “We have used Continental Carpet Cleaning for years and we are never disappointed. They are professional, courteous, informative and they always do an excellent job. I recommend them to all my friends. Thanks Kevin! – Mrs. Riggle, Kennewick WA”

“Thank you for the great job in cleaning my carpet and epoxy grout tile! I am very pleased with your service! You are great to work with and very informative as well! :-)! – Mrs. Lockrem, Kennewick WA”

“Over the years I had varied experiences with carpet cleaners, some pretty bad ones, so when I found Continental, they became my permanent provider for their cheerful, professional manner, fast work, that always leaves me with deliciously clean carpet and furniture, never too wet, which can be a problem with some services. – Mrs. Lunde, Kennewick WA”

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