Our Twelve Step Carpet Cleaning Process

  • Step 1: Pre-Inspection

    We will walk through your home with you and ask you to show us any spots you are concerned with. We will identify potential permanent stains, and give you an idea of what you can expected from cleaning, as well as listen to any concerns you may have.

  • Step 2: Pre-vacuum

    Dry soil is removed by thoroughly vacuuming with a quality vacuum cleaner (Pro-Team Commercial, Dyson, Kirby, and most Central Vacuums work great!). Removing dry soil is one of the most important steps in any cleaning process. Dry soil accounts for up to eighty percent of soil in carpet. We appreciate you thoroughly pre-vacuuming your carpet the day before your cleaning.

  • Step 3: Furniture Moving

    We appreciate you moving as much furniture as possible before we arrive, as this will make your cleaning experience run much smoother. If needed, we will be happy to assist you in moving the couches, chairs, coffee table, and end tables living room. Unfortunately, we do not move anything larger or heavier than that, such as beds, dressers, china cabinets, bookshelves, sectional sofas, tv stands, etc.

    If you would like any large item cleaned underneath, please have it moved completely off the carpet prior to your appointment. Sliding heavy furniture across the carpet damages/stretches the carpet backing, and will cause your carpet to develop wrinkles.

  • Step 4: Pre-Spray

    A pre-conditioning solution is sprayed on the carpet to emulsify/break down the soil throughout the carpeting. We use Procyon, which is Green Seal Certified, Asthma & Allergy Certified, and CRI Certified. We feel it is the healthiest cleaning solution you can have. There are no dyes, fragrances, butyl or other toxic chemicals.

  • Step 5: Pre-Spot

    Difficult spots are pre-treated with special spotters uniquely designed to increase chances of removal. We can handle most issues such as pet urine, ink, red stains, coffee, etc. We have been told by several clients we have removed stains that other cleaners have tried to get out for years!

  • Step 6: Pre-Grooming/Agitation

    A rotary machine is used to further loosen the soil.

  • Step 7: Soil Extraction & Rinse

    The carpet is then thoroughly rinsed with our powerful “Rotary Hot Steam Extraction” cleaning system without over-wetting the carpet or leaving a sticky residue behind. We clean every carpet with clean, soft, treated water. This will also leave your carpet feeling soft and fresh, without residue.

  • Step 8: Post Spot Treatment

    Any spots or stains remaining will get extra treatment with one of our many specialty spotting procedures.

  • Step 9: Carpet Protector

    After the carpet cleaning is complete, the latest generation of Scotchgard Carpet Protector can be applied to the carpet fibers. Carpet protector will give you longer carpet life and fewer permanent stains. Our Scotchgard protectors put up an invisible barrier against spills and tracked in dirt. Protecting your carpets and upholstery means:

    Easier carpet care for you – Vacuuming and spot removal yields better results.

    Carpet and upholstery stays looking new longer – Delays permanent damage and increases carpet life.

    Better appearance – Greatly reduces ugly traffic lanes.

    Residential nylon carpets are treated with 3M Scotchgard from the factory. After a period of 1 to 2 years, some of the soil-resistor wears off. At that point you should consider having your professional carpet cleaner re-apply the treatment after professional cleaning. Scotchgard will help the soil slide off of the carpet easier when vacuuming, spots will be easier to remove, and professional cleaning will be more effective. Unprotected carpet soils faster, doesn’t last as long, and is more prone to permanent staining.

  • Step 10: Post-Groom

    Your carpet cleaning is finished with a carpet groomer, which helps the carpet pile dry faster, and ensures even coating of the carpet protector.

  • Step 11: Speed Dry

    High velocity air movers are placed on the carpet immediately after cleaning to promote faster drying. Most carpet takes roughly 4-6 to hours to mostly dry, but it does take a day or so for everything to completely evaporate. Good airflow and heat are crucial to helping carpet dry. In the summertime, we recommend opening the windows and turning the ceiling fans on high. In the winter, we recommending turning the thermostat up a few degrees and turning the central fan to ON for circulation. The more airflow circulating in the home, the quicker the carpet will dry.

  • Step 12: Post-Cleaning Inspection

    After cleaning, we will walk through your home with you to point out the cleaning results and make sure that you are completely thrilled with the job.


    Thank you for considering choosing us for your carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and tile and grout cleaning in Kennewick WA, Richland WA, Pasco WA (Tri Cities WA)



    Great job on my tile!

    Michelle J, Kennewick WA

    “Continental came out to clean my tile and grout for me and I was more than impressed. I mop weekly & always thought I had clean floors. I recently had to pull my fridge out and when I did I noticed the color difference between my tile that gets walked on everyday and the tile hidden under my fridge. I couldn’t believe how dirty it looked after spending so much time trying to keep it clean. I had continental come out & they made my tile look brand new. It gives my kitchen a “pop” appearance everytime I walk in the room. Thanks for the GREAT service!”

    Carpet Cleaning Kennewick WA