Carpet Cleaning in Kennewick WA Review 4-21-14

From Mrs. Lunde,

Your Overall Experience: — Great Job! (5 Stars)


Over the years I had varied experiences with carpet cleaners, some pretty bad ones, so when I found Continental, they became my permanent provider for their cheerful, professional manner, fast work, that always leaves me with deliciously clean carpet and furniture, never too wet, which can be a problem with some services.

Thank You Mrs. Lunde, we appreciate you taking the time to give us feedback.

-Kevin Snyder

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About the Author:

Graduated from Washington State University in 2005 with BA in Business Administration. Kevin has owned Continental Carpet Cleaning and Restoration for over 12 years, with the previous owner starting it in 1980. Since 2005, Kevin has cleaned over 15,000 homes, and has completed hundreds of water damage restoration jobs. He is an experienced veteran in the industry and has helped develop and improve Continental over the years.