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“Continental Carpet Cleaning & Restoration came to my aid when an ice dam resulted in considerable water damage. They came twice over the weekend to dry things out. They returned Monday and Tuesday to ensure the drying out process was on track and clean up. Along with fixing the problem, they gave me such peace of mind. I’ll definitely call on them again!”

Mary M., Richland WA

Choose the Best. Choose Continental.

With more than 20 years in Tri-Cities as a water damage restoration company, and even longer as carpet cleaners in Tri-Cities WA, when you choose Continental, you aren’t just getting a company you can trust – you’re getting the best.

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Our specialized chemical-free carpet cleaning process cleans with a Clear Water Rinse™, which leaves no sticky residue, and has gained us the reputation of being the best carpet cleaners in Tri-Cities, WA. On top of carpet cleaning, we also specialize in upholstery cleaning, tile and grout cleaning along with flood restoration.

There are a few carpet cleaners in Tri-Cities WA, so what makes us different and why should you choose us? Here are five reasons.

Rotary Steam Carpet Cleaning | Chemical-Free and No Residue

You can be confident that we use patented, state-of-the-art tools and machines and be rest assured knowing we will obtain maximum soil and spot removal without over-wetting or leaving a sticky residue in your carpets and upholstery. Tile and grout floors will be restored to as close to their original “like new” condition with no damage to tiles or existing grout.

We use patented Rotovac 360i cleaning machines. This new cleaning technology agitates, rinses, and extracts soil from the carpet constantly, providing amazing cleaning power. The results are impressive every time and are MUCH better than the traditional wand method! To help the carpet dry more quickly, we also use specialized air movers.

Learn more about our 12 step cleaning process.

Unmatched Experience

Another reason you should choose us is we are a locally owned company that has been doing business in the Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco area since 1980. During this time we have cared for the finest floors, fabrics, and rugs. We constantly have been challenged with and have solved many unique and difficult cleaning situations over the years. Whether it is carpet or tile, we have cleaned all types of surfaces and textiles, making us one of the most experienced cleaners in the Tri-Cities, WA area.

Top-Notch Reputation

Continental Carpet Cleaning and Restoration is considered by many as the most reliable and professional cleaning company in Tri-Cities, WA. Every cleaning we do, our clients comment on how impressive their carpets look afterward and our great customer service. We do whatever it takes to protect and maintain our golden reputation.

Check out our reviews on Yelp, Google and The Better Business Bureau.

Extensive Education

Our company has spent numerous hours and thousands of dollars attending educational courses, certification schools, and conventions. Studying trade journals, books, articles, and periodicals related to our work are all apart of what keeps us up to date with best industry practices. We are abreast of the cutting edge technology and changes that regularly occur in our industry, hold multiple certifications from the IICRC, including carpet cleaning and water damage restoration.

Happiness Guarantee

When you choose us, we guarantee you’ll be happy. You won’t have to worry. If any spots return or if you have any concerns, we’ll come and fix the problem at no charge.
When you hire us, you’re not only getting quality cleaning, you’re getting our reputation, which is far more valuable to us than a few dollars.

Water Damage Restoration and Flood Cleanup in Kennewick WA

Water damage and house floods need to be cleaned up immediately.  This damage may have occurred due to a broken pipe, leaking appliance, storm, ice dam, overflowing toilet, tub, or sink, or anything similar. Whatever the case is, our services for certified water damage restoration, flood cleanup,  in Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco WA are here for you to make it so the parts of your home that have been damaged by water will be dealt with properly. We hold many water damage restoration certifications and over 20 years of flood cleanup and flood drying experience.

The first question we usually hear is “What do we do?”. Follow these water damage restoration steps in the case of a flooded home: Turn off the water, then call us immediately and we’ll be there within 60 minutes. Once we arrive, we can extract the water from the hard surface, carpet, and pad. Then we set up drying equipment, including dehumidifiers, air movers, and HEPA air filtration machines. We use advanced techniques and equipment to find where any hidden moisture may be and to extract it as thoroughly as is possible. This includes the use of infrared tools such as probes to determine where the water came from and to what extent the house has been damaged.

Drying the belongings and structure of your home properly is also essential to ensuring they can be restored. Proper water damage restoration needs to be done by trained professionals. We monitor the drying process closely during the drying process, using moisture meters and thermal imaging cameras. We also sanitize the areas of the home that have been affected by the water, including preventing odors from developing indoors. A lot is at stake right after your home has been affected by water damage, and getting professionals in immediately can make a huge difference.

Depending on the specific situation of your water damage restoration job, we may bring in various pieces of equipment to assist with the restoration and drying of particular materials in your home. This includes specialty drying systems for wood floors, dehumidifiers, air scrubbers, air movers, wall injection drying, and more. We will come back on a daily basis to check the drying progress and remove any equipment that is no longer needed.

What does water damage restoration cost and will my insurance cover it?
Most insurances will cover “sudden and accidental” water damage floods. This includes pipe breaking, sink/washer overflows, etc. We are insurance claim specialists and will help you through the process.

When you need a water damage restoration company near you, call the professionals at Continental Carpet Cleaning & Restoration Tri-Cities.

What to Expect

When your home has a pipe break, washer flood, or bathtub overflow, we understand you’re under a lot of stress and don’t know what to first. The first step is to shut off the water to prevent further flooding. The second step is to call us immediately at (509) 582-9121 and we’ll be there within 60 minutes. Even though when your floors are soaked and all you see is water everywhere, we can help reverse and prevent a lot of the damage.

When we arrive at your home we will assess the water damage situation and look around with a thermal imaging camera. This will show us how far the water has wicked up the drywall, and how much carpet/pad is flooded. We can also see things like if the ceiling is flooded downstairs, or has the water ran down the basement walls if it came from upstairs.

After the initial water extraction, which removed about 95 percent of all the visible water, we will set up our specialized drying equipment. This includes air movers, dehumidifiers, HEPA air filtration units, and other specialized equipment depending on what flooded. The equipment usually runs between 3 and 5 days depending on the severity of the water damage and what the flood intrusion initially looked like. If it’s just a bedroom, it will dry within roughly 3 days. If it the whole home, we can clean the flood up immediately, and then dry the whole home within 5 days.

Water Damage and Flood Dry Out Services

Continental Carpet Cleaning and Restoration offers the ideal choice for local water damage repair service. When you choose us, you’ll experience the best in water damage restoration. No matter how big your flood damage may be, we can handle your job. We have dried small floods, to ENTIRE homes that have flooded for over a month straight!

Commercial and Residential Water Damage Restoration & Flood Cleanup

At Continental Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, we are the restoration experts. We have multiple certifications from the IICRC because we’ve taken specific carpet cleaning, water damage restoration, and mold remediation classes and passed exams. We also have several other certifications, including the Lead Law RRP (Restoration and Renovation Professionals for Lead Abatement). From the extensive education and over 20 years of experience, we’ve become known as the best flood company for water damage companies in Kennewick, Richland, Pasco, and surrounding areas.

If you’re looking for information on our site, you’ve most likely had a flood and aren’t sure what to do next. Mold begins to germinate within 24-48 hours after a water intrusion, so act quickly. Call us right now and we will come to give you a free estimate, no pressure. Advice is always free with us. If you do choose us to help protect your most important investment, we will bill your insurance company and help negotiate with them on a final invoice. Floods are usually 100% covered by insurance as long as they are “sudden” and “accidental”. Outside groundwater, sewage, and other instances are examples of when we see insurance denies coverage on your flood. Sewage and ground water need to be dealt with by a professional and can create serious health risks if not treated properly. This includes disinfecting and tearing out/removing items such as carpet, pad, and drywall. There are three main types of water damage, including clean freshwater, water with bacteria, and then sewage. Category 1, Category 2, and Category 3 (also known as black water), respectively.

Before you get out of your shop vac from the store, please step away and call us now!
We follow the IICRC water damage standard (also known as the S500) for the removal and remediation of water. A very simple plan for water damage is in place to deal with each form of flood cleanup. It may seem like a simple matter, but depending on the type of water spill (fresh vs. contaminated), the level of physical harm to you or your loved ones could be regrettably long-lasting. Once the water is gone, we take care of disinfecting, sanitizing, cleaning, washing and odor neutralizing everything from top to bottom.

If you don’t know exactly how to do it, it’s not a DIY project! We’ve come across homes all the time they’ve been improperly dried, and we’ve got mold hiding behind baseboards and drywall. Call the Continental Carpet Cleaning and Restoration professionals and protect yourself, your pets and your family.

My insurance company says they suggest “their favorite service.” Good news! Good news! You get to choose your OWN agent, and the insurance company has to pay for it just like their preferred vendor. Would you like a company that has the best interest of insurance companies in mind, or would you like your best interest to do the job properly and as safe as possible for you and your family? Call us now for a business that is trained, qualified and focused on you!


“Continental Carpet Cleaning and Restoration came out to my house on a holiday weekend, in the late hours of a cold night, to help me with a flood that I could not handle myself. Our outside water pipe faucet broke inside the wall due to poor insulation. I had no idea where to start. Who would?! They answered right away, were nice, straight to the point, caring & knew exactly what to do. Thank you SO MUCH for getting my home dried out and helping me in this difficult situation. You guys are people I can trust!” – Denise R. – Richland, WA

“Kevin was very responsive & came to my home within 45 minutes after I called. He always kept me well informed, was very professional and friendly. He was very respectful of my home & did all he could to be unobtrusive under the flooded conditions. They even set up a containment area with plastic to keep the flooded area separate so we could go about our day to day activities. I highly recommend Kevin and his team of professionals if your home ever floods! Thank you, Kevin” – Nicole P. – Kennewick, WA

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Water Damage Restoration / 24 Hour Emergency Flood Cleanup


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More about Kennewick WA

Lewis and Clark traveled to Kennewick in the early 1800s finding a significant Indian population along Yakima and Columbia Rivers. Almost one hundred years later, Kennewick had grown to over thirty businesses and 350 residents. In 1904, the residents of Kennewick vote to incorporate it. Kennewick was known for its farming and crops in the springtime, because the winters were often mild in the region. Yes, the winters used to be mild, unlike the winter of 2018! The city already had many apple and cherry orchards, which are still popular today. Later, Concord grapes and many Welch’s grape crops were common and Kennewick held the annual Grape Festival, which is still present to this day.

By 1950, Kennewick’s population grew to ten thousand people. Over the next twenty years, Kennewick and the other Tri-Cities towns such as Richland and Pasco benefited from the development and building of the Columbia Basin Irrigation Project, which brought hydropower to the region. After construction, the three nuclear plants, also known as the Washington Public Power Supply System (WPPSS), aka Hanford, created a catapulting economic boost to Richland, which soon after Kennewick and Pasco developed more.

More recently, Kennewick Man was discovered at Columbia Park during the yearly hydroplane races. Know for years as the water follies, HAPO Community Credit Union stepped up as the main community sponsor a few years ago. Kennewick Man’s skeleton has been dated at 9,200 years old, which makes it the oldest almost fully completely skeleton ever discovered in North America. Today, Kennewick is the largest three cities, known as the Tri-Cities, with a population of roughly 80,000 and is poised for future prosperity and growth. The three main cities include Kennewick, Richland, and Pasco, with surrounding areas such as West Richland, Prosser, and Mesa, and Plymouth close by.

John Dam Plaza near the city center of Richland is a very popular destination for Friday night concerts and events.

We provide water cleanup and water damage restoration in Kennewick WA including 99336, 99337, 99338.
We serve Richland WA with flood cleanup including 99352, 99354.
We frequently do flood cleanup in Pasco WA including 99301, 99302.
West Richland WA including 99353, although smaller than the other three cities, still has a lot of broken pipes, and people are looking for awesome flood cleanup companies such as ours.