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Our patented “Rotary Steam Cleaning” system cleans better, and leaves no soapy, sticky, dirt attracting-residue.

Our Story

So, here’s the Dirty Truth about carpet cleaners:

Most carpet cleaners don’t really deep clean your carpets. In fact, in most cases, they just skim over the top. In the industry, we call these guys “splash and dash” cleaners. True story. We use patented “Rotary” hot steam cleaning machines, which add “scrubbing power”, with hot steam, to flush everything out. Most carpet cleaners, use wands (old technology), which are big metal tubes that spray water, and suck it up. See what’s missing? Yea, the scrubbing and deep thorough cleaning action!

For a cleaning agent, alot of carpet cleaners use soaps, detergents or chemicals to “clean” your carpets. At first glance, they may seem to work, but don’t be fooled… detergents and soaps are designed to attract and hold on to dirt, and if they’re not completely rinsed out of the carpet (and they almost never are), they leave a sticky dirt-attracting residue—eventually leaving your carpets looking dirtier. Ever had reappearing stains? Yes, that’s the residue that didn’t get flushed out last time.

At Continental, we’re crazy about Rotary Steam Cleaning—seriously, we’re Clean Experts!—and we’re committed to cleaning your carpets the best way—with good ole H20. We pre-treat the carpet with our green cleaning solution called Procyon, and then we clean and flush everything out with soft water…




What do we charge?

For carpet cleaning,we charge .44 cents per square foot. That’s $44 for a 10×10 room. On average, most living rooms are around $90-$100 (which is 200-225 square feet), kids bedrooms are around $44, and master bedrooms are around $60 (they are usually a little larger with a walk-in closet).

If you are moving in/out and your home is empty, we have a 20% discount when we clean your whole home.


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